hello, i'm chloe and all these themes are made by me. please read and follow these guidelines before using my themes! 1-don't remove credit. i make these themes using my own time and i let you use it for free, so please just leave the credit on your blog or in your faq/ask/credit page. 2- you may edit my themes, just leave me credit for the base code, because it's still my theme. 3- don't republish my themes to your followers. i don't care if you edited a lot or not, it's my theme, not yours. 4- if you have any questions about html or about my themes, please ask them on my main blog for a quicker reply. 5- i don't make custom themes for anyone unless you're my close friend. i don't care how much followers you'll promote me to, i don't make custom themes. thank you for reading this and enjoy my themes! -chloe
parised themes
theme 40
preview / code
ps sorry for the lack of themes i’ve been posting, i haven’t made a new theme for 4 months so bear with me
Anonymous: hey your themes are awesome, I love it but please make a one column themes! ;) thank you. 

i’ll keep that in mind, my next theme that i’ll publish will hopefully be one column!

Anonymous: whats your main blog? 
Anonymous: hi there! im in love with your theme 34! i love the simplicity of it but would you recommend any ways to spice it up a bit? 

thank you! the whole theme (no pun intended) of the theme is supposed to be simple, but I suppose you can add a background of a landscape (like on my main blog - http://parised.tumblr.com/ )

Anonymous: where is the theme codes? 

im sorry! they’re all in their permalink page

i forgot i changed my link color to white, so it blended in with the background.

you can find the code in the permalink page now

Anonymous: whats your main blog? 

its in my links under “creator”


theme 39
preview / code
here it is!! my theme (finally) just make sure your theme is any color other than white so the sidebar doesn’t blend with it
don’t remove credit
Anonymous: i'm using your theme 38 and i really love it but when I hover over a post, the permalinks blur in and then disappear, and then reappear and blur out when I hover off 

maybe its the browser you’re using? try using google chrome since I make all my themes on google chrome

Anonymous: Hi! im not so sure how to get your theme on my tumblr! thanks! 

go on my blog, pick a theme by clicking on the image.

this will lead you to the permalink page, read the caption and once you’ve finished click on “code”.

you will be directed to a new tab (pastebin), copy the whole code (ctrl+a, then ctrl+c).

go to your tumblr and click “customize” on the top right corner of your blog, click on “edit HTML” on the top.

select all of your coding (again, ctrl+a) then paste the code you copied over it!

and that’s it (or if you want, go back to the customize page and add your links, change the colors of the links, hovers, etc)

i hope that helps!

theme 38
preview / code
one of my favorite themes! make sure your sidebar is a square
don’t remove credit